Ignatius House: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When will members of the Ignatius House 2018-2019 community move in? 

A:  There are currently two people living in Ignatius House and one person is in the application process.  If you are interested in applying for the 2018-2019 year, please contact Community Coordinator Greg Mellor (mellorg@xavier.edu).

Q:  Is there a cost to live at Ignatius House? 

A:  Yes. For the 2017-2018 year, Ignatius House members signed a lease that ended on July 31, 2018. For 2018-2019 the rent has been adjusted to $400 (this is a one year change) and the lease will end on July 31, 2019. Rent includes all utilities, skilled maintenance, cable television, and wireless internet. 

Q: How is the rent amount determined?

A: The rent amount is determined according to operating expenses for Ignatius House. Currently, with a full community of six people each paying $550 per month, estimated operating expenses would be covered. Therefore, there is no profit margin.

Q:  Do members have their own bedroom or will I have to share a room? 

A:  All members of Ignatius House are provided with their own bedroom.  Each bedroom includes a conjoined half bathroom. 

Q:  Aside from a bedroom, what are the other accommodations of Ignatius House?

A:  Along with a single bedroom, members of Ignatius House share access and open use of a living room, dining room, kitchen, outside deck, shared showers, laundry, house chapel, and storage.

Q:  How many people live Ignatius House?

A:  Ignatius House can house up to 6 members. 

Q:  Is Ignatius House open to women and men?

A:  Yes.  Ignatius House is a coed living community. 

Q:  Can a married couple live in Ignatius House?

A:  No. Ignatius House is a community for persons who are not married.

Q:  Can a person be in a dating relationship and live at Ignatius House?

A:  Living in an intentional community while being in a committed dating relationship can be difficult for multiple reasons. Therefore, persons are encouraged to remain single during their time at Ignatius House so that they can be fully committed to the Ignatius House experience. 

Q:  Do I have to be a practicing Catholic to be a member of Ignatius House?

A:  All members of Ignatius House do not have to be practicing Catholics. However, all members should be engaged in an ongoing faith practice and all members are expected to actively participate in regular, communal faith formation grounded in Ignatian Spirituality.  

Q:  How are direct service and social justice incorporated into Ignatius House? 

Each member of Ignaitus House commits to serving at a volunteer placement that is approved by the Community Coordinator for a minimum of 4 hours per month. In addition, with the guidance of the Community Coordinator the community chooses one or more social issues to focus on during the year that is prevalent in Cincinnati. Analysis and education of this issue is incorporated into community reflection. 

Q:  How is Ignatius House different from a year-long volunteer program like the Jesuit Volunteer Corps?

A:  There are several key differences. One key difference is that members of Ignatius House maintain their current employment and can attend graduate school. In contrast, a year-long volunteer program matches a participant with a service site that serves as the person's full-time work. Another key difference is that members of Ignatius House do not receive a stipend, health insurance, or other monetary benefits.  Therefore, Ignatius House members pay for food and other expenses that are not covered by the monthly rent payment.  

Q:  Are pets allowed in Ignatius House?

A:  No. Pets are not allowed in Ignatius House. 

Q:  Who oversees Ignatius House? 

A:  Ignatius House is a program of the Jesuits Midwest Province. In collaboration with a Jesuit liaison, a part-time Community Coordinator conducts programmatic elements of Ignatius House.  

Q:  I am currently tied to a yearlong housing lease. Should I still complete an application? 

A:  Yes. You are encouraged to complete the application for Ignatius House even if you are committed to a lease. In rare circumstances, a lease may be broken with limited financial burden. Further, by completing the online application, the Community Coordinator will have your information in case you are interested in applying for Ignatius House in the future. 

More Questions?

contact Community Coordinator Greg Mellor (513-745-3565).